CentOS 7 Log Files

Selected Log Files in /var/log/

anaconda/* contains anaconda.log (Install messages), anaconda.packaging.log (Package installation), anaconda.program.log (Calls to external programs), anaconda.storage.log (storage device config), anaconda.ifcfg.log (network adapters), anaconda.xlog (First GUI start)

audit/ Audit data

boot.log is the boot log

btmp lists failed login attempts, readable by utmpdump btmp

cron info from scripts run by the cron daemon

cups/ printer-related logs

dmesg basic boot messages

gdm/ logs related to the GNOME Display Manager

httpd/ Apache web logs

lastlog local login records (use lastlog to view)

maillog email related log

messages kernel messages, others used by rssyslog

pm-powersave.log log messages related to power management

ppp/ PPP network logs (If you don’t know what this is, then you don’t need to worry about this log)

rshm/ Red Hat Subscription manager logs

sa/ system activity reports

samba/ access and service logs for Samba server

secure Authentication and access log

spooler Might contain critical messages

ssd/ logs related to the SSD authentication daemon

tallylog supports pam_tally for excessive login failure lockout

up2date log messages from the Red Hat Update Agent

wtmp list of logins, in binary format, readable with utmpdump wtmp

xferlog logs for FTP file transfers

Xorg.0.log X Window System log

yum.log yum activity

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